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PUK04 with microscope SM04 and argon gas regulator



REFURBISHED - 1 Year Warranty 

Developed by goldsmiths for goldsmiths. Weld on finding, easily add metal, weld adjacent to stones, weld silver, fill porosity, attach workpieces prior to soldering, weld seams, and much more.


- Extremely simple touchscreen operation 

- Select metal, select welding situation

- Easily see the optimum setting ranges for the selected welding task

- Pre-set programs for standart metals such as gold, silver and platinium, and for common welding situations.

- Expert mode for the ambitious welder

- Further developed and enhanced HF (high frequency) mode for even better results

- Help and assistance functions accessible at any time

Microscope SM04:

- 10x magnification

- LED lighting provides optimum illumination of the working area

- Perfect ergonomics and variable angle of inclination and confortable hand rests

Welding handpiece:

- High precision instrument manufactured to the highest standarts using high-grade materials

- Super fast reaction time

- Optimised gas nozzle: for a perfect shielding of the welding area with inert argon gas, low turbulence

Technical features


- Welding speed: up to 1.5 Hz

- Inert gas consumption (e.g argon 4.6): ca.2L/min

- Memory slots: 40

- Dimensions (LxWxH): 330x200x205mm

- Power consumption during "stand by": 6w

Microscope SM04:

- Magnification: 10x

- Light/Dark shade of the LCD shutter: DIN3/ DIN11

- UV protection/ IR protection: >UV15/ >IR14

Product sold with the microscope and the welding handpiece

PUK04 with microscope SM04 and argon gas regulator

PUK04 with microscope SM04 and argon gas regulator


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