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MAW with Accessories & SM6 microscope

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The precision welder for industrial applications. Where others stop, we start: The new Micro Arc Welder enables welding of the thinnest material thicknesses and complex structures in an area that is considered largely unsuitable for conventional TIG welders. With pre-set parameters for a variety of alloys and its broad yet finely adjustable power spectrum, the Micro Arc Welder masters even the most challenging welding tasks.

Accessories will include:

  • 125cm  High precision handpiece 
  • Electrodes  2 x of  , 0.8mm & 1.00mm 
  • 150cm Contact Cable (industry)
  • Argon Gas Regulator
  • Gas hose 300CM
  • Electrode grinding motor

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Suggested add-ons

  • MAW with Accessories & SM6 microscope (This item)


  • Precisionmaxx Welding Helmet - with Bluetooth Technology


  • Handpiece tray


  • Lampert Electrodes 0.8mm


  • Lampert Electrodes 1 mm


MAW with Accessories & SM6 microscope

MAW with Accessories & SM6 microscope


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